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What Are The Benefits Of Bringing Natural Materials Into The Home 
So here’s the thing. We think that the natural world does a pretty good job of being beautiful. We like its myriad of colours, its textures, its strength, its endurance in the face of elemental adversity. Old growth wood is perhaps the most perfect example of this strength and beauty and of course, our reclaimed timber brings with it all those little ‘imperfections’, the unique colours and natural patina that add texture, interest and character to your home. 
But using natural materials in the home brings more than just aesthetic benefits; they can actually make you feel better too! 
As we become more mindful of what we’re eating, what we’re putting on our bodies and what we’re using to clean our homes, taking a similar approach to interior design seems to be the next logical step. It’s all about moving away from plastics and other synthetics and embracing natural, sustainable materials that help to create a healthy, calming, restorative environment. 
A home that not only looks beautiful, but that also serves to actually improve both psychological and physical wellbeing. 
Recycling, upcycling and using reclaimed materials sits well with a more natural approach to interior design. Like reclaimed, old-growth wood, natural materials typically last longer than man-made ones, reducing the need to replace them and further limiting the landfill. Just as a solid wood dining table lasts and improves with age, so do other natural materials such as leather, cotton and wool. 
We all know the restorative effects of a good walk out in the woods or by the beach and by incorporating natural materials into your home, we can replicate that sense of wellbeing in our homes too. With its beautiful beaches, wild moors and wooded valleys, Devon has an abundance of artists and makers that utilise natural materials in response to the environment. 
With this in mind, we’ve been taking a look at the work of some other Devon-based businesses and craftspeople that fit in well with the Chunky Monkey ethos and will have your home looking naturally beautiful and boosting your mood to boot! 

The Snuggle Is Real 

Using tactile fabrics, throws and rugs in the home will help you get that natural vibe, but if is a comfy blanket you’re after you’d be hard pressed to find something more cosy than Lauren Aston’s super-sized hand-knitted creations. 
Working from her home studio in Devon, Lauren says she loves to create “statement knits that bring a luxurious WOW factor into people’s homes.” Check out her shop here. 

House Plants Make You Happy 

We’re big fans of incorporating a variety of plants into your interior design. Studies have shown that having three or more plants in your home actively enhances mood and increases focus. They're more than decoration; they're certified mood boosters! For proper ‘Plant Heaven’ visit Hutch on Paris Street in Exeter, or find them on Instagram. 
If you’re hopeless with houseplants then you could always check out FloralandLeaf’s amazing recycled fabric flowers, no watering or pruning required! 

Macrame Magic 

The craft of knot-tying has been making a bit of a come-back in recent years, but forget the fussy over-the-top Seventies style. This time it’s all about cool tones, bleached driftwood hangings and using natural hemp, jute or even recycled cotton T-shirts. Check out Exeter-based Macrame Artist Bethany’s work, which includes some great plant hangers, on instagram. 

Weaving Wall Art 

BlueJay.Made is a Devon-based fibre artist whose hand-embroidered floral pieces and wonderful woven wall-art pieces are full of colour and texture and look great as part of a nature-inspired decor. Check out her Etsy page here


Rebecca Lean’s Pebble pictures utilise the pebbles and seaglass of the Devon coast and as such are all unique and their simple style complements a natural decor. Visit her shop here. 
Mother & Daughter Glass create handcrafted fused glass inspired by the coasts of Devon and Cornwall. 
From suncatchers to glass surf fins, wall art to dishes and coasters, there’s bound to be something that would look ‘just right’ in that naturally-inspired decor scheme. 
Do you have a favourite Devon based maker that uses natural materials in their work? Leave us a comment and let us know! 
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