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From start to finish, see your bedroom as a sanctuary… 
Interior design projects don’t often start with the bedroom. By nature, a private space, it’s a room that often takes second- stage to the social spaces of your home such as the kitchen, lounge and dining area. 
Understandably, people often focus their design intentions on the rooms that get set seen by guests first. 
But bedrooms are, or should be, your own private sanctuary, a place to recharge, to rest, to get away from the stresses of the day.  
Bedrooms also offer you the perfect chance to really stamp your personality on a design and indulge your individual taste. 
So, whether you’re all about the light, clean-lines of a minimalist approach or wish to create an opulent luxurious haven, we’ve handpicked some bedroom design tips to ensure your own private space works for you and is conducive to that all-important restorative sleep we all crave. 

1. Set the tone of your bedroom 

When you’re planning your dream bedroom, it helps to spend a bit of time thinking about your perfect space.  
Plan accordingly and perhaps create a mood board where you experiment with colour combinations and identify your objectives. It’s useful to have a visual reference when it comes to the fun of finally choosing furniture and fittings. 

2. Clear your bedroom Clutter 

Regardless of your choice of style, no one needs clutter and so storage solutions in the bedroom are paramount.  
Good quality, solid wardrobes and chests of drawers, that are large enough to stow away your clothes and shoes, are vital and ensure the functionality and practicality at the heart of all successful interior design.  

3. Let There Be (adjustable) Light in your bedroom 

Whether you crave a bright, airy, unfussy space or an ornate, palatial boudoir, a top tip for bedroom lighting is to think in layers, aiming for a choice in light sources. Don’t rely on a simple centre pendant fitting and consider having dimmable lights installed.  
Create a calming, intimate atmosphere with candles and lamps and If you’re low on space, wall-mounted lights eliminate the need for nightstands. 

4. Make the Most of your Bed 

The average person will spend a third of their life in bed, and as probably the largest piece of furniture in your room, it needs to be solid, well-made, comfortable and stylish! 
As the focal point in your room, it can be accessorised with soft furnishings to really reflect your personality, whether you’re all about an abundance of colour and cushions or prefer muted tones and interesting textures. 
Take a tip from Feng Shui exponents and ensure that wherever possible your bed is accessible from both sides and is made from natural materials. 

5. Quality Matters 

It’s tempting to follow the latest trends but to ensure longevity, always look for timeless, versatile pieces of furniture that will stand the test of time. 
Wall coverings, soft furnishings and accessories can be changed relatively easily. Investing in some bedroom furniture, that will adapt to any design changes you may wish to implement in the future, will mean the financial implications are minimised and you will continue to love your bedroom year after year. 
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