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How to pick that special piece 
Many of us have childhood memories of a piece of furniture that took pride of place in the family home. 
Perhaps it was a grandparent’s dresser that proudly displayed the rarely used ‘best’ crockery, or a sideboard that contained the boiled sweets that were dished out as a special treat.  
Maybe it’s a kitchen or dining table, passed on through the generations, a table at which decisions were made, arguments started and resolved, meals, worries and celebrations shared. 
Much more than just a functional piece of furniture, such pieces stand for something more, telling the story of a family’s up and downs and have a value much greater than their financial worth. 
These days, it’s possible to furnish a whole house with the current popular trends in a single trip to a large furniture department store. But while those pieces might look great for a few months, veneers and laminates will begin to warp and peel, inferior glues and staples will lose their strength and ultimately, those on-trend pieces of furniture will, before you know it, be destined for landfill. 
So how do we go about choosing furniture for our homes today that defies the disposable trend and will, in fact, stand the test of time, be environmentally ethical and be cherished by future generations? 
If you want to fill your home with heirloom quality furniture, look first at the basics. What is it made of? What method of joinery has been used? What is the finish? 
If it were to get scratched or damaged in some way (often an inevitability in a busy family home) could it be repaired or would it have to go straight to the tip? Solid hardwood furniture is inherently durable. Reclaimed wood is even better; old wood harvested initially from mature trees and organically seasoned has already been exposed to the natural elements, is very robust and much less likely to split or warp.  
We use the finest reclaimed wood from historic buildings and as a result our furniture is built to last and last. 
When you’re settled on some good solid wood furniture, lovingly crafted with exceptional attention to detail and finish, think then a little about personal style and aesthetics.  
The latest trend might be tempting, but whether it’s rustic charm or modern and contemporary often clean lines, solid simplicity and a superior build will be all it takes to ensure your heirloom-quality furniture will still be firmly coveted by future generations. 
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