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When it comes to the ‘smallest room in the house’, the traditional design approach is one of tiles, gleaming ceramics and chic splashbacks, and for good reason; functional bathrooms need to be easily cleanable and well lit. 
Sometimes though, the traditional bathroom can be a little ‘cold’ and lacking in texture. 
We take a look at some of the ways we can counteract that cold utilitarian feel with some warmth and texture, achieved by incorporating reclaimed wood. 
In a world increasingly dominated by plastics, technology and electronic gadgets, many of us continue to look for new ways to incorporate natural materials into our homes in the pursuit of a healthy, calming, restorative home environment. 
Utilising natural materials in any room of the house is a fail-safe way of warming things up and adding interest across a range of design styles, whether minimalist or traditional. 
And with a nod towards the sense of well-being achieved in luxury spas, there’s a now a growing trend towards the use of wood in the bathroom. 
Pinterest boards are predictably brimming over with ideas for incorporating natural and reclaimed wood into bathroom designs. 
From whole walls clad in reclaimed wood to a bespoke vanity unit or a single accent shelf made from a rustic, reclaimed floor joist, the options are limitless… 
Bespoke Bathroom Furniture 
We’ve created various bespoke bathroom furniture in the past and always find that the contrast between the patina of richly textured reclaimed wood and smooth white ceramic really works, not only as an individual piece, but to really add depth and interest to the room. 
Bringing the Outdoors in… 
One of the benefits of bringing in some natural wood to the bathroom is that it’s enhanced by greenery. 
By adding in a few plants that thrive in bathrooms, such as Spider Plants, Palms and Aloe Veras, you can instantly brighten up the room and bring a calm and serene vibe to your private sanctuary. 
We always love working with clients to come up with ingenious storage solutions and bring unique style to homes, so if you’re considering a bathroom redesign, get in touch to see how we can help! 
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