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How to order the perfect bespoke item of furniture 
The goal for us is that the customer and the craftsman are in harmony so we can create the perfect bespoke piece of furniture that matches your vision. 
To achieve this there are certain things that we will need to know when we start to collaborate and design your order. 

What we need to know... 

If possible it is always better to meet face to face especially if the design isn’t part of our classic furniture range. 
It gives us a chance to get to know you better so we can get a feel for your personality and incorporate that into the design. 
Practically speaking we need to know a few things before we can get creating. The first is the size and shape of your piece. 
TOP TIP -"For large items of furniture use masking tape to mark out the shape and live with it for a few day. You may discover that the size you were initially thinking about is impractical - For dining tables remember to including space for chairs or benches." 
If you are looking for something a little different we will need to see your inspiration. This could be your existing furniture or a piece you have seen in a magazine. It is a good idea to bring in photos or cuttings to show us. 
For larger projects like beds or kitchens we will visit your home to help us with the design and inspiration. It also helps us with practical implications such as delivery, dimensions and fitting requirements. 

Choosing a colour for your furniture  

Colour and finish are also important when designing a piece of furniture. We have a selection of finishes that we love and suite our style but if you are thinking of something specific bring along your swatch or mood board. 
The finished colour of your new furniture is also important to how it will fit into your home alongside existing decor and furnishings. 
Working with timber isn’t always an exact science. Reclaimed wood will react differently to different stains, oils and paints. 
We would never deliver a finished item that doesn’t match the original idea. That is why we send you a colour sample chart that has been applied to the same piece of timber that we have used in the creation of your piece. 

Adding the finishing design touches to your bespoke furniture 

If your bespoke furniture is designed to integrate with other elements such as a mattress or television we will need to know the dimensions. In come cases the item may need to be sent to the workshop. 
Another part of your process will be to decide on the finishing touches, such as handles, knobs and hinges. 
We have a range of quality finishes for you to choose from. But as you will have guessed by now we are not here to stifle your creativity, so if you spotted some that you prefer let us know and we will fit them. 
Customising your furniture doesn’t have to just be about the handles if you have an idea let us know. We love a challenge. 
A great example is that recently we incorporated part of an old family dining table into a new one. This preserved the original history and formed a lovely feature in the new surface. 
If you are looking to commission a new piece of furniture don’t hesitate to call us on 01392 490 590 or check out our online shop for our current range. 
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