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It’s in with the new, and cleverly away with the old, in our guide to using bespoke furniture storage solutions in your home... 
For many of us, the new year is a time we naturally want to restore a little order after the happy chaos that is Christmas. It’s a time when we reassess our interiors, looking for functional and practical storage solutions to stow away items new and old. 
Whether or not your home has lots of space or is rather on the ‘small and bijou’ side, there are all sorts of ways you can incorporate aesthetically pleasing and clever storage ideas into functional pieces, to really maximise space and cut down on the clutter. 
It’s not necessarily the amount of storage you have, it’s how you use it. 
Before we have a look at ways in which we can incorporate storage into everyday furniture, it’s helpful to consider a few questions about what it is we’re trying to store. Asking a few questions like these can help you to declutter your home and cut down on unnecessary possessions as well as avoiding the clutter that comes with multiple pieces of furniture. 
Be Bespoke 
The most obvious benefit to going bespoke is that you can fully utilise the space available and incorporate exactly what you wish into a piece. It’s also ideal if your room is of unusual proportions, or under the eaves, as in this example: 
Made-to-measure furniture takes a little bit of pre-planning. 
If you’re having stylish bookshelves made, make sure that the largest hardbacks you own, or the prized family heirloom vase, will fit comfortably. 
If it’s an inbuilt wine rack with glass storage you’re after, check and double check the measurements of those ‘best’ glasses you wish to display. 
Kitchen Storage 
Bespoke kitchens are fantastic for maximising space as well as showing off your possessions as well as hiding away the more mundane but necessary kitchenware. Islands like these are a great idea: 
Keeping the kids rooms tidy... 
Children’s bedrooms and nurseries can often be cluttered with toys, clothes and cuddly teddies. By having bespoke beds or bunk beds made, you can gain valuable floor space and even incorporate shelving in the furniture itself. Of course, being in control of the design also means that cool features, such as the use of industrial-styled grab rails like these are no problem. 
Another benefit to going bespoke is that your storage can also work as room dividers, allowing you to configure your room exactly as you wish. 
And of course, by going bespoke, you can bring a cool quirkiness to your home, such as in this great coffee table / dog bed combination, (much approved of by our Jeffery!) 
By going bespoke, you can really stamp your own style on your home as well as ensuring it works on a practical and functional level with incorporated storage solutions. 
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