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Of course, it’s where families gather to celebrate special occasions, but the table is also where the everyday minutiae of life plays out. 
It’s where families find themselves together on a daily basis, it’s where family life really takes place. A dining or kitchen table is often the real focal point, or heart, of a home. 
When it comes to choosing a table for your home you’re probably already anticipating its future in your family. The tales it will be able to tell about special family meals, conversations and debates, (ok, arguments). A witness to all those ‘special’ family moments. 

Solid and Dependable Tables 

Natural, organic materials bring a cosy but reliable feel to the home. Solid wood furniture is always best. Choose a table that will last, that is easy to clean and will stand the test of busy family life. 
As well as choosing solid, it makes good design sense to choose relatively simple. 
Ornate or ‘of-the-moment’ features may be just what you’re after now but can quickly become dated. Go rustic or modern and contemporary according to your existing space and aim for a timeless feel. You can always go full-on fabulous with tableware to keep it fresh. 

A table that tells a thousand tales 

By choosing a solid, reclaimed wood dining table, your furniture not only has a long and great future ahead, but also an incredible past of its own. 
Knowing where your timber originated is in itself a great talking point. We love to let our customers the story of their furniture. 

Talking Tactile 

The natural patina of the wood, all of its ‘imperfections’, tell the piece’s story and create a piece of furniture that is hugely tactile. 
Reclaimed wood cries out to be touched. Perfect for those long, lazy lunches you have planned around your new table, chatting with friends over wine and coffee. 

Make your table work for you 

We all crave a table we feel comfortable around, a safe place to be ourselves, surrounded by those we love. Therefore, it makes sense to spend a bit of time thinking about what you want your own family table to achieve. 
Explore existing ranges, finishes and design features and find a craftsperson or company that can incorporate your uniques ideas as much as possible. 
That way you’ll end up with a table that really is the heart of your home and that you and your family will be happy with for years to come. 
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