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You don’t have to live in a sprawling, old country farmhouse to embrace the beauty of rustic, aged and characterful wood in your interior design. 
Just because we use ‘old’ reclaimed or salvaged wood to create our furniture, doesn’t mean it won’t look fabulous, contemporary and chic blended with modern appliances and gadgets in your newer home, flat or apartment. 
In fact, reclaimed or salvaged wood furniture or shelving can be incorporated into just about any style, from Traditional to Industrial Chic and from Mid-Century Modern to Minimalist. And we’ve seen reclaimed wood work wonderfully in them all! 

Wood Accents 

Bespoke reclaimed wood furniture doesn't always have to be great grand projects, large kitchens or fitted wardrobes. Sometimes it's a small but necessary addition to your home, something that makes your life easier and looks great too. 
Small, subtle real wood shelves in awkward corners or spaces work as a great accent to add depth, character and interest to cool, elegant design schemes. Try a contrasting wooden table and chairs or a really rustic wood beam over a contemporary stove or woodburner for a great blend of modern and traditional. 

Wall to wall & Bespoke Shelving 

Made to measure shelving always works well in both traditional and more modern properties. The beauty of bespoke shelving is that you can specify aspects such as the thickness of the wood, its finish and the design itself. 
Shelves can become a work or art in their own right...want it all sleek and straight or are all about the angles; the possibilities are endless! Bring an injection of colour into a room by painting the back walls of a shelving system and consider contrasting wax finishes. 

Storage Solutions & Awkward Spaces 

Got a corner you can’t use or small spaces either side of a doorway that you see as wasted space? Made to measure shelving can add more than functionality. 
With a bit of creativity and by using the natural shape of the timber, or even a finished tree trunk itself, those awkward spaces can be transformed into things of beauty! 

Standout CentrePieces 

Sometimes you’ll want to make a statement with reclaimed wood. Sometimes you’ll want the natural patina, the character, the grain of solid reclaimed wood to stand out and be the centrepiece of your carefully constructed interior design scheme. 
In these instances, large items such as the kitchen or dining table, wardrobes, or a bed are ideal. Often these pieces of furniture are better ‘unfussy’, letting the quality of the wood and solid design speak for itself. 
They can always be dressed up with soft furnishings or table settings to alter an overall effect. 

Steel Framed 

Our range of steel-framed furniture works really well here to create a cool industrial slant in a contemporary home and can look really effective in a minimalist scheme with cool tones. 

Outside Space 

Reclaimed wood outdoor furniture can come into its own in a more modern property’s outside space. Its naturally tactile qualities stand out against brickwork and fences and as the wood ages further overtime it only gets better! 
Try a bespoke bench around a firepit or bring the steel-framed style outdoors. 
We’d always say, never be afraid to experiment with reclaimed and salvaged wood, however new or ‘modern’ your property may be. If you’ve got an idea or are after more inspiration, visit our showroom or get in touch! 
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