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When it comes to the ‘smallest room in the house’, the traditional design approach is one of tiles, gleaming ceramics and chic splashbacks, and for good reason; functional bathrooms need to be easily cleanable and well lit. 
Sometimes though, the traditional bathroom can be a little ‘cold’ and lacking in texture. 
We take a look at some of the ways we can counteract that cold utilitarian feel with some warmth and texture, achieved by incorporating reclaimed wood. 
When it comes to describing the timber used in our furniture you’ll often hear us using words such as unique, character, patina, tactile. You’ll also almost definitely hear us talking about its story, what tales it can tell, even after being painstakingly prepped and lovingly transformed into a table, a sideboard, a headboard and so on. 
When you visit our showroom you’ll see an array of furniture with differing finishes; rustic to contemporary, painted or waxed, light or dark. Initially, you’ll probably view each piece as just what it is now. A coffee table. A kitchen island. A wardrobe. 
What Are The Benefits Of Bringing Natural Materials Into The Home 
So here’s the thing. We think that the natural world does a pretty good job of being beautiful. We like its myriad of colours, its textures, its strength, its endurance in the face of elemental adversity. Old growth wood is perhaps the most perfect example of this strength and beauty and of course, our reclaimed timber brings with it all those little ‘imperfections’, the unique colours and natural patina that add texture, interest and character to your home. 
But using natural materials in the home brings more than just aesthetic benefits; they can actually make you feel better too! 
"A tidy house is a tidy mind." 
It’s an old, well-worn adage that’s hard to deny, and the satisfaction of a tidy home and the sense of order it brings. 
But a tidy house doesn’t necessarily mean a house that’s not still full of clutter. 
Many of us find ourselves doing a cursory clean-up, a ‘quick, someone’s coming round’ kind of tidy that sees us throwing things into cupboards and under beds where said items languish for days, weeks, sometimes even months and years. 
It’s in with the new, and cleverly away with the old, in our guide to using bespoke furniture storage solutions in your home... 
For many of us, the new year is a time we naturally want to restore a little order after the happy chaos that is Christmas. It’s a time when we reassess our interiors, looking for functional and practical storage solutions to stow away items new and old. 
Are you hosting Christmas dinner this year? 
Maybe it’s a small intimate affair or a full-on extended family and friends feast, either way, there are lots of ways to make the Christmas table the focal point of the celebrations and we’re not talking about just the food. 
Whatever your style, contemporary and cool, rustic and handmade, opulent and glamourous or somewhere in between, we’ve sought out some inspiration and tips to help you bring some environmentally-friendly festive magic to your 
Christmas table decorations. 
We love green here at Chunky Monkey and our overall ethos is one of sustainability and provenance, so it comes as little surprise that we don’t believe in buying lots of plastic shiny stuff that will inevitably end up in the bin as landfill.his text to edit it. 
Of course, it’s where families gather to celebrate special occasions, but the table is also where the everyday minutiae of life plays out. 
It’s where families find themselves together on a daily basis, it’s where family life really takes place. A dining or kitchen table is often the real focal point, or heart, of a home. 
When it comes to choosing a table for your home you’re probably already anticipating its future in your family. The tales it will be able to tell about special family meals, conversations and debates, (ok, arguments). A witness to all those ‘special’ family moments. 
How to pick that special piece 
Many of us have childhood memories of a piece of furniture that took pride of place in the family home. 
Perhaps it was a grandparent’s dresser that proudly displayed the rarely used ‘best’ crockery, or a sideboard that contained the boiled sweets that were dished out as a special treat.  
Maybe it’s a kitchen or dining table, passed on through the generations, a table at which decisions were made, arguments started and resolved, meals, worries and celebrations shared. 
From start to finish, see your bedroom as a sanctuary… 
Interior design projects don’t often start with the bedroom. By nature, a private space, it’s a room that often takes second- stage to the social spaces of your home such as the kitchen, lounge and dining area. 
Understandably, people often focus their design intentions on the rooms that get set seen by guests first. 
But bedrooms are, or should be, your own private sanctuary, a place to recharge, to rest, to get away from the stresses of the day.  
Bedrooms also offer you the perfect chance to really stamp your personality on a design and indulge your individual taste. 
Dining alfresco is one of life's greatest pleasures and the perfect reason to spend time in your a garden. The sun beating down, the sound of nature all around, delicious food, all made a bit better by a nice cool drink and a bite to eat. 
2018 is the year of eating outside. Since Easter, the UK has been enjoying some sunny weather and if the forecasters are correct we are going to be enjoying a lot more over the next few weeks. 
We love to spend as much time outside as possible which is probably why we are so obsessed with outside furniture and of course dining alfresco. 
Read our tips on how to make eating outside a success. 
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